A weekend trip to Serbia!

It isn’t a tour. There aren’t any travel agencies, hotels, rental cars and importunate guides. You are going to the real people living in an authentic Serbian village. They are meeting you and hosting at their home, feeding you with tasty meals, which consist of almost all the ingredients from their own kitchen garden. It’s a unique chance to break free of the concrete jungles of the megapolis. And a car is put at our disposal for visiting some places of interest in the region, so that the time doesn’t seem to move too slowly there.

The dates and times: every month, 3-4 full days.

The cost for three days:
3 people – 350€ per person
4-5 persons – 300€ per person
6-7 persons – 270€ per person
The advance payment isn’t required.

The trip is organized in such a way that you don’t have to go on leave. The departure is late at night on Thursday. The arrival is either early in the morning on Monday or early in the morning on Tuesday (by request) with the expectation of going to work straight away.

The brief programme of the tour:
The programme is flexible and adapted to your requests.

The list of the sights (you should choose any two):
— A trip to the unique Orthodox monasteries of the 12-16 centuries not far from the city of Valjevo — one hour journey to the place;
— A trip to the village of Mokra Gora near the border with Bosnia, to Drvengrad built by Emir Kusturica for shooting his film “Life is a Miracle” (I strongly recommend to see the film before the trip) and a trip on the steam locomotive along the Šargan Eight through the mountains (if it runs) — three hours journey to the place;
— A trip to Bosnia (to the town of Višegrad and its surroundings) – in case we have picked up the necessary documents. A walk through Andrićgrad (which was also constructed by Emir Kusturica) and along the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge (which is in the UNESCO World Heritage list) – three-and-a-half-hours journey to the place;
— A trip to the village of Ovčar Banja in the region of Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, to the valley of the West Morava. A visit of historic sites, a pool with the mineral water (a spa, a sauna, massages and other joys of life – by request) — one hour journey to the place;
— A trip to the town of Bajina Bašta to the Drina river (a border with Bosnia) and lake. A house on the water, beautiful landscapes and, of course, tasty Pljeskavica — 1,5 hours journey to the place;

The trips to the village of Mokra Gora and to the town of Višegrad may be joined. In that case an early start is necessary, and we need to return before the border closes (crossing the border isn’t twenty-four-hour). It’s possible to organize a trip on the third day (30€ per person).

The price includes:
— Meeting at the airport and transfer to the village (three hours journey);
— Three days accommodation in the village (an extra day costs 30€ per person);
— Full board. Serbian Šljivovica, coffee, tea and different types of tasty traditional buns, cakes and pasties – without limits;
— Two one-day trips (by choice, see above). Drinks and snacks are included;
— Small trips (for example, shopping trips);
— Transfer to the airport (three hours journey);

The price doesn’t include:
— Flight to and from Belgrade;
— Wine and beer (the price of the bottle of wine is from 3€ to 6€);
— Personal needs (souvenirs, purchases: for example, 2 litres of Šljivovica cost 10€; one kilogram of perfect coffee grounds costs 8€);
— Entry tickets if they are necessary (for example, the ticket to the pool with mineral water costs 4€ for the whole day);
— Travel insurance (you may purchase it where you want);

General information:
— The visa to Serbia isn’t required! The visa to Bosnia isn’t required as well;
— In fact, you need from 0 to 70€ for all your personal needs (depends on your demands);
— Water in the village is unique, it helps from different illnesses and diseases;
— The toilet and the bathroom with hot water are inside the house;
— The village is very clean, there isn’t any mud;
— Children may be taken with you!
— Mobile net is excellent, we have wi-fi in a house;
— Your home slippers must be taken;
— Swimsuits (for women) and swimming trunks (for men) and your own towels are required to be taken to the trip to the village of Ovčar Banja.